Boycott the Brooklyn Commons


Boycott the Brooklyn Commons!

Did you know the Brooklyn “Commons” is owned and managed by a member of the 1%, a millionaire heiress named Melissa Ennen who:

  • Collaborates with anti-Semites and white nationalists, including associates of the Liberty Lobby and Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke;
  • Regularly cooperates with the NYPD in the repression of peaceful protest;
  • Has Jewish protesters physically assaulted on her premises by individuals on her payroll;
  • Dignifies Holocaust denial and other forms of hate speech against Jewish people;
  • Shows blatant disrespect for the communities of which the “Commons” claims to be a part?

We wrote, we called, we petitioned, we protested. In response,  Ennen defended her work with “groups across a wide political spectrum” – including neo-Nazis. And last night, for the second time this month, her associates assaulted peaceful protesters on her watch.

The “Commons” has made it clear which side it is on. Which side are you on? We call on all fellow New Yorkers – including the Commons’ current clients and tenants – to join the boycott and find a new home, one in which all of us can fit.

Sign on to the boycott:

Sign the petition to Melissa Ennen and the Brooklyn Commons:

Contact the owner and let her know how you feel about her policy of giving a platform to anti-Semites and white nationalists:  (347) 987-4966,,

Down with the 1%! Down with fascism! Down with racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia!

Toward a true commons!

Called by Jewish Antifascist Action:

For Pan-Semitic unity.
For Jewish liberation.
For Palestinian liberation.
For Black and Brown liberation.
For the liberation of all oppressed people.

Instagram:  @jewishantifascists
Twitter:  @AntifascistJews


One thought on “Boycott the Brooklyn Commons

  1. Contact the organizations hosting upcoming events at the Brooklyn Commons and ask them to join the boycott:

    Giordano Workshops,
    Norman Finkelstein, Inc.,
    NY Review of Science Fiction Readings,
    NY Writers Coalition,
    Permaculture New York,
    The Revolutions Study Group,
    Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory,
    The Writhing Society,

    Thanks to the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, which has already relocated all events to alternative venues!


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